Coat of arms of the EISSLER family

In the records "Nachtrńge zu den Aufzeichnungen des Alten Siebmachers", in which many coat of arms go back to the Carolingian times there are also listed some 16th century Eissler coats of arms.

However, without exception, they stem from families or persons from Bavaria, from the families of Nuremberg which are in no way connected (yet) with the families of Wurttemberg.

They are illustrated just to show the meaning of the name Eissler: the wrought bars as well as arrow and horse shoe show the close connection of the carriers of the name or their ancestors to the material iron.

a) coat of arms of an unknown (likely Bavarian) name bearer.

b) coat of arms of Jobst Eissler, local magistrate in Nuremberg.

c) coat of arms of Jeremias Eissler, sculpturer in Nuremberg.

d) coat of arms of Oswald Eissler, goldsmith in Nuremberg.
    his son Leopold died 1631 in Ulm (Wuerttemberg area!)