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Here is the place . . .

 . . . where you can submit your family news so that they can be added
to your Eissler archive. They will appear in the next edition of the EISSLER book.
After the 3rd edition will have been published in 2015  I will still continue to
get your data - and they will be safed in the archive.
But please, understand that I cannot promise today to work with them - or even publish
a fourth edition. There will be a another researcher some days - maybe soon, maybe in any future . . .
but there will be one, I am sure!

  •  . . . where you may place your inquieries for your Eissler relatives.
    Ask for them - maybe there is already a connection to the big clan -
    maybe you found (or fount) a new line we still do not know.

You will get an extract to make you able to find a connection to families which are already listed in the Eissler book - finding your roots in Old Germany.

You get these names and dates absolutely for free -
I get your dates same way . . .

Please write down your names - tell me all your names as well as your birth date not to mix you with other people by the same name.

Give me your email addres to get me able to contact you if there are any questions.

Your data will be shown only in the Eissler-book!

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