Read the following article published in US news papers carefully!

Mail Scam targeted at Eissler Family in US


Family members in the US may receive mail solicitations titled "The Eissler in America: 1790 to 1997" and "A Celebration of American Eissler". These are commercial products that are in no way associated with the Eissler-Pool Project or any Family member.

These materials are provided by a company in Bath, Ohio. This company recently lost a suit in the US federal courts for false and misleading advertising. The materials provided by these individuals is not genealogical information. It is simply a collection of names and addresses of anyone named Eissler found in public records such as phonebooks. During their court hearing, it was disclosed that this information was often 10 years out of date or older.

The genealogy information they provide is generic at best and has no direct relations to the historical conditions faced by the Eissler Family in Germany. Based on our research, their data from the 1790 census probably are not related to our Family.

Please do not waste your money on this scam, you will only be disappointed. In the words of the solicitation itself, "No direct genealogical connection to your family or to your ancestry is impled or intended".

In other words, it┤s worthless!