My work

    about the Wuerttemberg EISSLER families starting in 1550 through to today

  • My only reason for the writing the book is so that many Eissler families will know their roots before more records are lost. Because I am not a professional genealogist, I sell the book for cost so that people will be able to have their own family book.

  • Note:
    My work is not identical and not comparable with äHalbert┤s World book of the Eissler families",
    offered by a publisher in Bath, OH, USA as well as in Bretten, Germany for a similar fee!
    Most of the dates are full of mistakes as well as full of gaps!

    You will find only very common articles about genealogy -
    besides useless lists there is no special content about the Eissler families!

Albert Richard Eissler from Sindelfingen

"Albert Eissler: about your ancestors and descendants"
Familientafeln, 25 pages
published August 1984
Limited birthday edition
not for sale, out of stock

Johannes Eissler from O▀weil

His descendants in the Albstadt area
Genealogical trees
published November 1995
DIN A 4, 143 pages, registers
DM 40,00 (US$ 25,00) incl. shipping, out of stock

444 Years Eissler

Extract"Eissler or Ei▀ler?"

Genealogical trees of all the families.
1st edition, 1996
DIN A 4, 357 pages, 100 pages with registers
DM 110,00 (US$ 55,00) incl. shipping (in Germany), out of stock

Extract: "Preview to the 2nd edition"

Genealogical trees of all families
2nd updated edition, 1998
DIN A 4, 600 pages, 120 pages with  registers
Addendum: english text abt.50 pages
DM 110,00 (US$ 55,00) incl. shipping (in Germany), out of stock

In preparation:

30 Years Eissler-genealogy: 1984-2014

Extract:  "Progenitor Hans Eissler from Talheim"

Stammtafeln of the Wuerttemberg Families: 1540 - 2014
3rd expanded and updated edition,
publishing planned,  2015
DIN A 4,  more than 700 pages, more than 10,000 names,
many genealogical trees, abt. 150 pages with registers.
Addendum: english translation abt. 50 pages

Price: planned  Ç 55,00 (US$ 55.00) ask for shipping