What is the Eissler-Pool?

Since 1984 I am researching the EISSLER families worldwide - targeting to create a "pool" to collect all the available names and dates of those family members who can trace their roots back to Wuerttemberg EISSLER ancestors.

This EISSLER-Pool is my own private product as a result of more than 20 years of intensive research. For this I need the data of your family, or of your oldest known ancestor, at least, so that I could be able to connect your family to the big family tree in the EISSLER pool.

Please submit the complete name(s) as well as the dates and places of birth, marriage, devorce, and death of all your family members and /or spouses.

Be sure your data will appear only in the EISSLER book!

There are some "single" families, that still have to be connected. There are also possibility to connect families with similar surnames like EISZLER, EISLER, and many more. Please do not wonder the spelling of the name!
Actually I really found more than 30 (thirty!!) different variationes of the name, they all are to be pronounced the same way, sometimes a bit "coloured" by local dialects, sometimes just americanized by the immigration personnal.

By now I found Eissler families
in the following countries:
Germany, Brasilia, France, Austria, Paraguay, Sweden, Swizerland, Spain, USA, Venezuela

The result of my research was gathered in a book and published in 1996 (1st edition) and 1998 (2nd edition).


The 3rd revised and updated edition is planned
to be published in 2015.

How to reach me:

phone:           (049) 7457 3242 (after 19.00 h MEZ)
mail:              Lammgasse 11, D 71149 Bondorf, Germany